Bike Tech: Kuya Kim Atienza’s Pinarello FT3

We recently featured the bike fitting session Kuya Kim Atienza had with Arland Macasieb. Here we take a closer look at his bike. That day, Kim came from a hard bike session before swimming with Arland. As you’ll see, his bike is well-used and looks very fast!

Kuya Kim’s Pinarello FT3 triathlon bike. There’s a lot of good things going on here! Pardon the blue reflection on the wheels–that’s from the pool in front of it!

Kim runs Campagnolo Super Record 11 53/39 carbon cranks.

The rest of his drivetrain is also Campy Super Record 11–nothing but the best for Kuya Kim! Check out the sexy rear derailleur that’s mostly carbon, which is a Super Record trademark.

The front derailleur with a red K-Edge chain catcher for insurance. Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the derailleur cage is made out of carbon as well!

Kuya Kim uses Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 wheels with Continental tires. Campy brakes provide the stopping power.

Bora Ultra 80s are also in the rear–if you have a Campy group, you might as well use Campy wheels! I love the spoke pattern on these rear wheels. You can also just see his Speedplay Zero peeking out at the bottom of the picture.

One of the highlights for me is the Campagnolo 11-speed return-to-center (R2C) shifters on his aerobars. Shifting is crisp and flawless. Campagnolo really has gone all-in in supporting triathletes with their compenentry. Notice how dirty the white bar tape is–we definitely know Kuya Kim is training a lot!

Kim recently switched to an ISM Adamo Time Trial saddle for more comfort, and his backside is thanking him for that choice.

A single XLAB Gorilla cage is mounted on the saddle rails with an XLAB Delta 200 setup. I love single-bottle seat-mounted cages–in fact, I have the exact same setup!

A Speedfil performs primary hydration duties for Kuya Kim. I’m not fond of this set up, aero and crosswind-wise, plus I don’t like straws sticking out of my bike. But if it works for Kuya Kim, why not?

Kuya Kim uses a MOST (Pinarello’s in-house brand) integrated stem and basebar. Here’s a shot of his cockpit.

A Garmin mount (naturally) sits on his integrated stem. He hasn’t found Cee Gees that fit his aerobar cups yet, so he’s using a temporary pair. He swears by Cee Gees though–he says they’re the most comfortable aerobar pads by far.

A Garmin GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor is zip tied to his non-driveside chainstay. This connects to his Garmin 310XT and 910XT.

Special thanks to Kuya Kim Atienza for allowing me to take pictures of his bike for featuring on the site. You can purchase Pinarello bikes locally at Primo Cycles, as well as a number of items featured in this post.

Here’s a last look at this sweet ride!

Watch out for more drool-worthy bikes that we’ll feature here at Race Yourself in the Bike Tech section!

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  1. Thanks to Ian and Kuya Kim for the great write up on ISMs and Ceegees. If any of you want to play with your hydration, I can give you some Torhans to cheat the wind with. 😉

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